Our Elite program is one of the most intense, difficult challenges the promising goaltender will experience.

The on-ice program is heavily weighted towards high velocity, full effort initial and secondary scoring attempts by Major junior A/college/pro shooters. All governors” are removed from our staff and high tempo, realistic game situations are extensively used.

After a complete overhaul of the Elite Program in 2015, the new, week long program provides goaltenders with a technical, in-depth analysis and training experience. Each hour of the day the goaltenders are on the ice they will focus on specific aspects of goaltending.

Hour One – Technical Focus

During the first hour we will focus on shot preparation, breakaways, tips and deflections, tracking pucks, and rebound control elements.

Hour Two – Puck Handling Focus

During the second hour we will focus on teaching goalies both the technical and cognitive elements of puck handing. Goalies will get hundreds of repetitions with the puck and will learn different tactics goalies can use while puck handling as well as when to use them.

Hour Three – Game Situations

During the third hour we break down a wide variety of game-situations for goalies, such as defensive zone face-offs, zone entries, power play strategies, and behind the net plays. Goaltenders will learn what reads and progressions they should make when these situations occur.

Hour Four – Positional Focus

During the last hour of the day, we put the pucks away and strictly focus on the movement patterns. Goalies will be face with a wide variety of skating drills that are meant to train their foot speed, power, and precision.

Dryland Program

Our Dryland Program for the Elite level is outstanding. Goalies will be challenged with one difficult workout every day in order to train:


We have also added a lecture series to our Elite program. Each day, Elite goalies will take part in a PowerPoint lecture/discussion on topics such as:

Program Features