I just wanted to let you know that Evan was extremely excited about having gone through your goalie camp. Since he has only played two full seasons this was the perfect gauge for him to measure where he is relative to other players his age.

We discussed all of the things you taught him at camp, and can’t wait to see him on the ice this coming Monday evening. We plan on picking up the video set so he can watch them when he needs to figure out what he’s doing wrong.

I also liked your 10 minute speech at the end. I asked the boys if it sounded familiar? They told me that it sounded like me. I never made pro ranks (I played upper level baseball), not even close, but I do analyze my game continuously. I also tell the boys that after every game think about what they might change if they could do something differently. Also to look at the positives because it helps with confidence.

I just wanted to tell you that you and your wife (and staff) are awesome!!! I make a point of trying to contact people when I have questions about their services etc… So far, you are one of very few who will call personally. I can’t thank you enough for that. My wife was excited the first time she spoke to you. We couldn’t believe somebody in your position was so “down to earth” and personable.

Thank you again for a wonderful experience.

Darrin & Piera Hosinski

At your camp, you mentioned that you would like to hear from us about how the young goalies are doing. Young Camille (playing Richmond Hill Atom “AA”) was very solid in a weekend tourney at Westwood arena. He was stellar in a couple of 2-1 losses- as I said we don’t have much offense, but he is developing and your camp served him well. His biggest challenge is realizing that he can only do so much each and every game to keep his team in the game – he has become mentally tough. I have a video that I will get to you at some point as well Steve.

Go Leafs.

Thanks again, I brag to everyone that you are always there for the kids even with your busy schedule

Mike Camille Sr.

I thought you might be interested to hear that my son Sebastien who attended your camp this summer came home from his first practice of the season on Sunday and said « Mom thanks so much for sending me to the goalie camp this summer. I am way better than I was last year.” He then went on to describe how he stopped several shots from the team’s best players!

I too was so impressed with the warm and friendly atmosphere at the camp, combined with the solid teaching of skills. It was a great investment of our time and money!


Linda Turner

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