What does a private lesson/camp entail?

A private lesson would initially involve goaltender specific movement drills followed by game situation, rebound control drills and individual save selection drills. All drills would be designed to attack observed weaknesses and areas of student’s concern.

All instruction is age and developmentally specific but would include all facets of goaltending from Angle Play to puckhandling.

A private camp is simple – an extended private lesson. This format allows us to achieve great, measurable development with the goaltender. Conditioning, reflex progression and all goaltending facets are attacked in a comprehensive structured manner.

Video anaysis is used where requested and is a great learning tool.

Am I Good Enough?

If you are committed and serious, you’ll probably be accepted. In all cases we would like to see a letter of reference from one of your coaches and some video if available.

Are adults accepted?

Yes! We frequently work private camps with adults, being very attentive to the conditioning and skill level of each individual. We make the program as challenging as each adult desires. We won’t push you too hard – just hard enough

Do you provide a summary or reference letter to be used for tryout purposes?

We provide a detailed summary or reference letter and in special cases we will bring in area NHL and college scouts to get a first hand look at the individual goaltender

Do you ever attend/evaluate games for students?

We frequently attends, evaluates, discusses and video tapes games that our students play. This provides a great platform for real time feedback and an assement of the goaltender’s performance in live conditions. This is invaluable from a developmental and assesment point of view. Our fees for these visits are the same as our private instructional fees.

Future Pro reserves the right to include two students in a private lesson with the appropriate reduction in ice fees. However, as goaltenders use a minimum 50:50 work: rest ratio full hourly instructional rates apply.

Private lesson fees do not include applicable taxes