Essay Contest Finalist #2 – Ella Willoughby

By: Ella Willoughby (grade 5)

Why I like Future Pro

First of all I like Future Pro because I get a lot better. When I first started Future Pro I couldn’t even go down into a butterfly and now after four years of camps and sessions I accomplished my last year’s goal, it was to be able to get up from my butterfly with both legs at the same time and now I feel comfortable to even do it in a game. Last year I was on the Jr Mustangs (the A team), but this year I got cut but I have gone to a lot of Future Pro camps and I believe that I can make it again this year because I have improved a lot since last year.

Another reason why I love Future Pro is because girls are treated the same as boys. Before Future Pro I went to a different goalie camp, and in dry land they told me I could do girl push ups (which is when you have your knees on the ground so you only have to move your arms) instead of doing what all the other boys were doing. But when I do the Future Pro summer camps the girls do the same exercises as the boys. It’s really fun. I think all camps should be like that.

One of the main reasons that I love Future Pro is because it’s really fun. I get to meet new friends that like the same kinds of things as I do, like playing hockey. And like I said earlier, the dry land training is really fun because I get to learn new stretches and exercises that I can use to get mentally and physically ready before a game or practice. Dry land training is fun but hard at the same time.

It’s also fun because the instructors are always happy and encouraging and are always trying to help you to become a better goalie. At the end of every day at summer camp we do the show down, it’s really fun because you get to work on penalty shots and if you win you get the orange No Rebounds sticker. So if you go somewhere with goalies, they will know if you have won a show down.

When I go to Future Pro it feels like I’m part of a big team of goalies.