Essay Contest Finalist #1 – Zach Prusky

What Future Pro Goalie School Has Taught Me

Zach Prusky

When I was 10 years old I experienced my first out of town goalie school.  My parents took me to the BIG CITY of London.  I was so excited to leave home and see what the other kids my age were doing.

At home in Sault Ste. Marie I was in a goalie school run by 2 time Stanley Cup winner, Kevin Hodson.  Kevin told me that I needed to branch out and attend other training camps to get a better idea of what is out there for goalies.  So I branched out and found Future Pro and I am grateful that I did, no need for me to go anywhere else I love it there!

At Future Pro I have learned so many things, one of my favourite drills is the deflection board drill, I like the way the tips and movement of the puck is like in a game situation where i am not sure where the puck is going.  The most fun for me is that it looks really cool when I make an awesome save!

My favourite day of the week long camp is always Courage Day.  On Courage Day and I love to face the difficult drills, the harder shots and testing myself to see what I am able to do.  I feel encouraged when I work hard and do my best and instructors like Steve, Jason, Blackey and Connor Andrews provide feedback to me about what I can do to improve my skills.

The most important lesson I have learned at future pro is to have a good work ethic.  It is important to never cheat on a drill or at anytime.  If I show good work ethic people notice how hard I am working and it makes me a better goalie in the end.  I learned this as a goalie but also when I am working hard doing any job.  I focus on doing my best all the time even when I am tired or sore, I know that if I want to make it anywhere I have to show my hard work and determination.  I don’t want anyone to think I cheat or don’t try my best when, I want people to know if they hire me to do a job they will get the best out of me.

An important lesson I learned while at Future Pro was how hard my mother and father work to earn the money to be able to send me to the camp.  I have been able to be a coach at Future Pro and it has been difficult to keep my focus when the kids I am teaching are not paying attention or want to do something else and I have to get them motivated to keep learning and following the program.  I struggled at times with not knowing if I would be able to teach kids and I have learned just how tough it is for the instructors to teach when the students are not really in to learning.

When I attended my second summer at Future Pro I was able to stay with some great people who took care of me and brought me to the rink and home.  Not only were the Haight family fun and welcoming, they were very nice and encouraging to me and all the other goalies that stayed with them at their house.

I know that I have met a great group of people from all over Canada and the United States whom I would never have known if I did not have the privilege of attending Future Pro.  I still keep in touch with a lot of the great friends that I have met while at the Goalie School.