Elite Program

Our Elite program is one of the most intense, difficult challenges the promising goaltender will experience.

The on-ice program is heavily weighted towards high velocity, full effort initial and secondary scoring attempts by Major junior A/college/pro shooters. All "governors" are removed from our staff and high tempo, realistic game situations are extensively used.

We focus on shot preparation, positional play and understanding offensive team tactics. The goal is to develop spontaneous responses through drill design so that games in effect will become largely reactive and instinctive in nature.

Our Dryland Program for the Elite Level is outstanding. We comprehensively test key

fitness components like % body fat, Max VO2, flexibility, and muscular endurance.

"It is expected that all Elite and Prospect students arrive in camp in great shape. To

prepare properly for our elite camp I recommend following the goalie-specific program designed by Maria Mountain. It's available at www.ultimategoalietraining3.com.

Steve McKichan


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